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In the wake of economic and planetary crises, more and more people are reconsidering their role in the economy and wondering what they can do to make it work better for people and the planet. The book, Take Back the Economy, explores what we can do right now, in our own communities, to make a difference. This website is based on the book and includes:

links to the collective actions that people are taking

downloadable tools for exploring actions that individuals and groups can take

forums for finding out how others are using the book in activist and teaching contexts.

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After capitalism, what comes next? For a start, ethics

The following is a piece we recently wrote for The Conversation in response to the publication of Paul Mason’s forthcoming book, PostCapitalism. Click here for
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Pursuing happiness: it’s mostly a matter of surviving well together

The following is a piece we recently wrote for The Conversation and it’s from a chapter we have in a book called On Happiness: New
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Teaching TBTE in Hong Kong (2)

  I have only one more week left at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and all the teaching matters are just about wrapped up.
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One of “those” weeks

We’re having one of “those” weeks. Jenny has been busy in Hong Kong, participating in an Idea-Jam Workshop on Social Inclusion in the City; attending
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