Fair Work and Wages

Collective Action for Surviving Well: Making sure people work in safety and have enough to meet their needs.

Across the globe, many people work in jobs that are poorly paid, insecure and unsafe. Their working lives are precarious. Workers have long struggled for jobs that are fairly paid and secure, and have safe working conditions. These struggles address this basic human right as part of the process of establishing well-being for workers.

Examples of campaigns to ensure that people have enough to meet their needs include:

The Living Wage Campaign in the UK which annually calculates what a living wage is for the UK and for London, and accredits employers who pay a living wage.

A similar campaign in the US is the Universal Living Wage (ULW) campaign.

There are also campaigns that aim to secure decent and safe working conditions for workers in the majority world, including:

Clean Clothes Campaign

Fair Labor Association

No Sweat Campaign

Workers’ Rights.