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After capitalism, what comes next? For a start, ethics

The following is a piece we recently wrote for The Conversation in response to the publication of Paul Mason’s forthcoming book, PostCapitalism. Click here for
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Pursuing happiness: it’s mostly a matter of surviving well together

The following is a piece we recently wrote for The Conversation and it’s from a chapter we have in a book called On Happiness: New
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Teaching TBTE in Hong Kong (2)

  I have only one more week left at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and all the teaching matters are just about wrapped up.
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One of “those” weeks

We’re having one of “those” weeks. Jenny has been busy in Hong Kong, participating in an Idea-Jam Workshop on Social Inclusion in the City; attending
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Our love affair with our mobile devices

This week Jenny attended a terrific seminar by Professor PUN Ngai at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Professor Pun is author of Made in China:
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Teaching TBTE in Hong Kong

In the first half of 2015 Jenny has been invited to the Chinese University of Hong Kong to be a Visiting Professor in Urban Studies
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Commons and Matters of the Heart

When most people think of commons, they think of open fields, verdant woods or the vast oceans.  They point to the sky or the space
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A consumer AND worker cooperative

Beanstalk Organic Food Co-operative is based in Newcastle, Australia, and is dear to our hearts (especially Jenny’s, given that she is currently Chair of the
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Sharing the city

Making and Caring for a Commons The nonprofit organization Shareable in partnership with the Sustainable Economies Law Center released a report in September of 2013
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The tragedy of the unmanaged Australian commons

Robbing the future, polluting the present. One of the biggest challenges facing Australia remains the best way to convert the country’s unrenewable resources into renewable
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